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22-27 February 2021
Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition
Osmanbey's New Season Opens Here!

New Season

Fashionist Online Fair 2021, which will be held with the participation of more than 70 companies from Istanbul's Fashion Center Osmanbey, in the product categories of women's wear, men's wear, evening wear, children's wear and accessories, is the most important Virtual Fashion and Apparel Fair in Turkey, where you can find 2021 Spring/Summer Season collections together.




Women’s Wear

TOP: Blouse, T-Shirt, Dress, Shirt, Cardigan, Sweater, Hoody & Sweatshirt, Jumpsuits, Vest

BOTTOMS: Pant, Skirt, Short , Legging

OUTERWEAR: Jacket , Coat, Cloak, Topper, Trench coat

ACCESSORY: Belt, Bag, Purse, Wallet , Scarf ,Beanie ,Gloves ,Socks


Mens’ Wear

TOP: T-Shirt , Shirt, Cardigan , Sweater , Hoody & Sweatshirt, Vest

BOTTOMS:Pants, Shorts

OUTERWEAR Jacket , Coat, Cloak, Topper, Trench coat

ACCESSORY: Belt, Bag, Purse, Wallet , Scarf ,Beanie ,Gloves ,Socks


Evening Wear

Evening wear: Prom Gown, Night Dress, Cocktail Dress, Ball Gown, Night Shirt, Tea Gown, Bridesmaid Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Gown, Autumn-Winter Evening Dresses, Casual Evening Dresses


Children's Wear

TOP: Blouse, T-Shirt, Dress, Shirt, Cardigan, Sweater, Hoody & Sweatshirt, Jumpsuit, Vest

BOTTOMS: Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Leggings

OUTERWEAR: Jacket, Coat, Cloak, Topper

ACCESSORY: Belt, Bag, Purse, Scarf, Beanie, Gloves , Socks

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What are the Features of The Virtual Exhibition?

Latest Trends

The latest trends in Women's, Men's, Evening, Children's Wear and Accessories categories will be exhibited here.

Ease of Access

The virtual exhibition; accessed by computer, tablet, or mobile phone, can be easily visited through the website. The target companies can be easily reached online with this Digital Exhibition platform supported by all web browsers.

Modern Technology

With the online platform that combines the classic exhibition concept with today's modern technology and offers technological communication solutions; live fashion shows and seminars held in the digital environment are available to visitors.

Live Support

All visitors who register for the exhibition are provided with online live support for all their questions before and during the event.

Live Chat & Video

You can communicate with exhibitor company representatives live in video or written chat environment

Low Cost & High Access

You can connect with exhibitor companies and meet new suppliers with no cost on the internet via the digital platform without any costly expenses such as accommodation, transportation brought by physical exhibitions.


Fashion Show Calendar

  • 01. Day

    Feb 22, 2021

  • 02. Day

    Feb 23, 2021

  • 03. Day

    Feb 24, 2021

  • 04. Day

    Feb 25, 2021

  • 05. Day

    Feb 26, 2021

  • 06. Day

    Feb 27, 2021

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