Children’s Wear Brands

Children's wear has an important place in the ready-to-wear field. There is a great interest in the children's wear products from babyhood to adolescence period. As children develop and grow physically in a short time, new clothes should be bought very often. The children's wear fashion in Turkey is being shaped in the Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition.  The children's wear brands come together online, hosted by Fashionist. Special events will be organized by the children's wear manufacturers throughout the fair.

The children's wear brands will organize online fashion shows during the 6-days event. Children's clothing products that will make a difference in 2021 will be introduced at the fashion shows. The brands selling children's clothing will introduce children's clothing models to the visitors during the event.

The brands such as Daisy Girl, Monita Kid, Tiga Kids, Incity, Badi Junior, Best Kids, Pamina, Pirilti, Herdal, Ld Classic and Lakids will be presented during the Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibiton. The children's clothing companies will organize glamorous events at the fair during these 6 days.

The models of dresses, t-shirts, shirts, cardigans, overalls, vests, sweatshirts, sweaters, short coats, skirts, shorts and trousers will be presented to the entrepreneurs in the category of children's top clothing products at the fair. You can participate in the fashion shows where the children's top wear 2021 are being launched.

Children’s Wear Brands

And in the field of children's bottoms wear, products such as trousers, skirts, shorts and tights will be introduced. Among the tights and the shorts products, the products that can be worn both at home and at special moments will be displayed.

At the Fashionist, the brands will exhibit jackets, toppers, coats and short coats in the field of children's outerwear.  You can be acquainted with seasonal and heavy outerwear products at the online fashion fair.

And you can also be acquainted with products such as bags, berets, woofs, gloves, socks and scarves among the variety of children’s accessories.  You can reach the brand of the products you like during the event and make agreements in order to be able to purchase the products.

Children's Wear Sales

Fashionist is hosting the products for children's wear sales  that will most attract the attention in the year of 2021.  11 brands will participate in the activities in the field of children's clothing during the fair. You can have the opportunity to be acquainted with the products by participating in online fashion shows of the brands. You can also examine the opinions of the expert fashion designers in the online seminars on children's wear trends in the 2021.

You can make instant correspondence with the brand representatives for the products that attract your attention in the online fashion shows. And in order to establish more qualified interactions with the representative of the brand you want, you can also participate in the online meetings. You can conclude business agreements during these online meetings. 11 brands selling wholesale children's wear products will be waiting for you during the event.

You can be acquainted with the latest trends more closely in the 2021 children's clothing fashion shows that will be organized within the scope of the Fashionist. The participants in the first event will see bottom wear, top wear and outerwear products for boys and girls that are the most attention-grabbing in the year of 2021.

You can apply to the live support line for all the issues that you are interested in, which are related to the sale of kids wear. You can also get help before the fair through the live support line and find answers to all your questions about the participation. In addition, any matters that you have in mind about the meetings that you will hold with the brand representatives will be answered by the Fashionist live support service.

Children's Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey

The children's clothing manufacturers in Turkey and the professional visitors will come together with the hosting of the Fashionist.  The brand representatives and the buyers will be in one-to-one interaction during the event, which will be held between February 22-27, 2021.

All the fashion shows will be held online during the event. The visitors can take part in the fair by filling in the participation form. The children's clothing trends of the innovative brands that will be most popular in the year of 2021 will be introduced in the fashion shows. You can also participate in the events by your computers and smart devices. Besides, it will be a platform where the exhibitor companies and the visitors  will come together in the 24 hours event during these 6 days.

The Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition will bring together these 11 brands that are the children's clothing manufacturers in Turkey. The brands that will create new opportunities for the buyers in the field of children's wear will present their new trends with their special collections of 2021.    The children’s clothing trends of 2021 will be exhibited at the online fashion shows.

The visitors can participate in the 2021 fashion shows organized by the children's wear manufacturers by filling in a participation form. No fee is charged for the visitor participation form. You can also benefit from the free live support throughout the Fashionist. Besides, you can reach via the instant text messaging the special representatives appointed by the brands that you can consider to establish a business partnership with. Other than that, you can also organize online meetings with the top management of the brands.

The Fashionist Online Fashion & Apparel Exhibition will take place on an online environment between 22-27 February,  2021.  The professional visitors can participate in the events organized for 24 hours a day during these 6 days. The children's clothing suppliers and the visitors can always contact with each other.  The live support line will also be ready with regard to all kinds of problems.

The visitors of the Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition will not pay expenses such as transportation and accommodation while attending the most important events. There will be a non-stop access for 24 hours during the event. Besides, you can have an access to the event from any brand of phones, tablets and computers. It is possible to participate in the events via all the internet browsers.

Children's Clothing Trends 2021

The 2021 children's wear trends will be introduced during the Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition, which will be held with an internet access between 22-27  February, 2021.  Special cat walks  will be organised during  the event.  Besides, in addition to the fashion shows organized by the children's clothing manufacturers, online seminars will also be held, where you can listen to the opinions of the experts. The entrepreneurs will have a great opportunity to find new business partners and to follow the children's clothing trends at the Fashionist.

The Fashion fair will continue with various events for 6 days.  11 major brands will organize events in the field of children's wear at the fair. Every visitor  can join the Fashionist without any charges in order to have an idea about and be acquainted with the popular children's wear products of the year 2021.

When you choose the children's wear in the visitor form as your field of interest, you can closely examine the products in the children's top wear, bottom wear and outerwear categories. Besides, you can also mark wholesale, e-commerce and retail as a field of activity. It is compulsory to enter your company name while filling in the participation form. Then you can participate with the user name and password information sent to your e-mail address.

The children's clothing trends in Turkey will be offered with the children's clothing online fashion shows in 2021. Whenever you want to get detailed information about the products you like, you can immediately contact the representative of the relevant brand.

Children's Wear Models of 2021

You can participate in the Fashionist for your requests with regard to wholesale, retail or e-commerce in the field of children's clothing.  The 2021 children's clothing models will be introduced to you with the fashion shows to be held. You can also attend events where you can listen to the experts’ opinions on the 2021 trends in the children's wear. The Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition will continue during 6 days.

You can see the most precious pieces of the designers live, thanks to the online participation to the 2021 children's clothing fashion shows.  You can get information about the collections you are interested in by immediately contacting the representative of the relevant brand. Besides, you can also start to increase your earnings by establishing partnerships with the brands.

Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition opens its doors to its visitors on the internet environment on the 22nd February, 2021. The activities will continue non-stop until the 27th of February, 2021 with the 11 brands in the field of children's clothing. You can access the 2021 trend children's clothing products with the events to be held throughout the fair via the smartphones, the tablets and the computers. You can get help for any problems that you may have by immediately connecting to the live support line. You can always request live support for your questions about the fair.








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