Turkey Women's Clothing Manufacturers

Turkey is among the leading countries of the world in the production of women's clothing products.  Our country achieves to be amongst the top 10 countries in the world in the export of many women’s apparel products from jackets to coats, from dresses to skirts, from woofs to socks due to its being the seventh largest cotton producer in the world.

The Turkish women's clothing manufacturers come together with the FashionIst Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition. Numerous brands which produce women's clothing will show up at the fair. You will be able to see the most preferred products of the 2021 Spring Summer season at the fair.

You can find at the online fashion fair the most exclusive collections of the strong companies who are the women’s clothing manufacturers  which send their products to many parts of the world. The new products of the companies producing women's clothing  will be introduced to you with the 2021 fashion shows. You will be able to find companies that will give a direction to the women's clothing sector in the year of 2021 through launches special for the new season both in Turkey and worldwide.

Turkey  Women's Clothing Manufacturers

You can attend our fair from anywhere in the world through  your computers, tablets or smart phones regardless of time and place. You can contact the women's clothing suppliers at the fair and buy the trendiest products of the year 2021.

The Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition saves its participants from high costs such as accommodation and transportation. You can get to know the new women's clothing products with a unique online experience and reach new brands by choosing from thousands of products and dozens of brands.

Sales of Women's Clothing Products

How about breaking the pandemic effect in the year of 2021 and offer new products to your potential customers? Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition draws attention as an event that will inspire the enterprises selling women's clothing products  during a period when the social life has rapidly stopped.   You can be acquainted with  dozens of products in our digital exhibition where you can offer high quality, the latest trend and the aesthetic women's clothing products to the consumers.

How about be acquainted with the  22 major brands who has been selling wholesale women's clothing?  At the Fashionist you can find many brands that have been selling wholesale of numerous apparels which will decorate your show cases and reinterpret the women's clothing fashion.

The business managers and the entrepreneurs who want to reach into qualified companies that sell women's clothing products may examine the special exhibition collections from their homes while sipping their coffees. Hundreds of original designs among the women's clothing products are waiting for you. You can get information about the new trends in the field of the women's apparel in Turkey and in the world for the year of 2021.

The products which are being manufactured and offered for sale with original designs by the Turkey’s women's clothing companies gain a new dimension with the opinions of the experts. You can reach the products that will draw most the attention  with the trend presentations, where the experts’ names  also have their signatures in the field of the women's clothing fashion.

You can contact the companies that sell women's clothing free of charge. You can meet new business partners that will add value to your brand by immediately connecting with the companies participating in the Fashionist and come to an agreement with them.   Besides, you can communicate online with the officials of the participating companies visually and in written on a chat environment.

Women's Clothing Brands

The Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition takes place between the 22nd  and the 27th of February, 2021 by the participation of the Turkey's most preferred brands in women's clothing. The fair participants can access the most exclusive collections of distinguished brands providing services in the branches of women's top wear, underwear, outerwear and accessories.

Brands such as Setre, Green Country, Okçu, Dzyn, Tusso, Tdee, Norm, Orhan Giyim, Jus de Pomes, Airport, Roseto, Womma, Exquise, Mimya, Misswhence, Zedd Plus, Salkim, Acar /Guminize, Lady Form, Miarte, Sandrom and Perspective  that have been selling very exclusive women's clothing are participating to the fair.

You can find products such as t-shirts, dresses, shirts, cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, overalls and vests of the participating brands among the women's top wear products options. You can make an agreement by making online negotiations with the women’s top wear suppliers.

It is expected that there will be also a great interest in the bottom products among the companies that sell wholesale women's wear.  And the women's bottom products’ options are groups such as skirts, shorts, trousers and tights.  You can find the most original designs of the brands in our online fair.

There are also great names among the brands participating in the Fashionist that produce and sell women's accessories. You can find a wide range of products in the field of women's accessories such as belts, bags, wallets, woofs, berets, gloves and socks.

The product groups such as jackets, toppers, overcoats, jackets and topcoats among the women's outerwear products that appeal to all styles and tastes are waiting for you. The new season trends and the new trends in the women's outerwear products are waiting for you by combining with special access fields.

Fashionist Online Fashion Fair offers the opportunity to the participants who want to find wholesale women's clothing products to gain high access at low costs

Women's Clothing Products of 2021 Trend

The women's clothing has the largest share in the ready-to-wear sector in the world and in our country. The consumption demand in this area has increased even more in parallel with the development in terms of quality and quantity with regard to the women's clothing brands which carry on business in our country.  The Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition 2021 brings together the buyers with trendy women's clothing products.

You can find the 2021 trendy women's clothing products at the Fashionist event. When you register with the fair, you can get online live support service on any subject you need before and during the fair. You can access the trendiest products in all categories such as bottom wear  , top wear, and outerwear in the women's clothing and supply them by communicating with  the vendors without any difficulty.

The Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition combines the classical fair concept with the high technology and brings a new perspective to the field of garment fair in Turkey. You will be able to learn the latest trends with live fashion shows that will take place on an online environment during the fair and listen to the expert opinions on fashion with online seminars.

You can discover the latest products of the strongest brands carrying on business activities in Turkey with the 2021 women's fashion shows. You can make a contact with the representatives of the brands that sell 2021 women's clothing models for the products that attract your attention at the online fashion shows where the new season products are available. There is no need for you to pay any fees for making a contact with the participating companies.  You can get the detailed information about the products of the new suppliers and buy products that attract your attention.

Women's Clothing Fashion Turkey 2021

Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Exhibition  Turkey 2021 brings together the leading brands of the women's clothing fashion. The original women's top wear, outerwear, bottom wear  and accessory models produced by the most prominent designers  in Turkey will be available to you on an online platform. In order to get an idea about the new trends in the women's clothing in 2021, you can follow online live fashion shows or participate in the online seminars where you can come up with the experts’ opinions.

You can access the private collections of the participating companies by participating in the Fashionist Online Fashion Exhibitionr which will continue non-stop between the 22nd and the 27th of February, 2021 and have the opportunity to examine the 2021 special collection of the women's wear products for the first time. In addition, you can also get the opportunity to directly contact the manufacturer companies in order to purchase the products that interest you.

You can learn the most creative ideas and the new approaches related to the women's clothing trends  in Turkey  by participating in the Fashionist. You can crack the door open for new business opportunities by establishing a direct communication with the women's clothing brands in Turkey.  You can participate in online negotiations for new business contacts and create your product supply chain by instant correspondence with the representatives of the sector.








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